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Freelance Services

I offer a wide range of editorial and writing services for publishers of all kinds, as well as individual clients. I have extensive professional experience with each of the following types of work:


Developmental Editing: I can provide an edit of your manuscript geared around its structure, plot, themes, characterization, and flow. This is an early-stage edit focused on getting the “big decisions” of storytelling right, and involves macro-scale cuts, changes, and editorial ideas. Along with a marked-up manuscript, I will provide a detailed editorial note, providing an overview of my edits on the page and many other points of critique.


Line Editing: Performed after the book’s structure has at least mostly been set, a line edit deals with the content and writing style of the book at a paragraph and sentence level. This is where we deal with scene and narrative building, prose style, pacing, and other issues like character development on a more micro basis. We aren’t looking for grammatical errors here; we’re dealing with the style and effectiveness of the writing on the page.


Copy Editing: This is a sentence-level edit. Here, I correct grammatical errors and look for ways to make sentences read more clearly, as well as editing the entire manuscript for consistent style. It’s a “cleanup” edit that mostly deals with small errors or inconsistencies at the micro level, with some final content-level queries if they arise.


Proofreading: Have a book that’s already been typeset? A proofread looks at only overt errors on the final pages, to make sure any typographical mistakes are caught and removed, and that the style guide for the book has been followed throughout.


Proposal Development: I can help you write, edit, or develop your book proposal (and sample chapters). This includes all descriptive copy, market considerations, comparable titles, promotional thoughts, an author bio, and an annotated chapter outline, all standard features of a modern and sellable book proposal.


Ghostwriting: I can help develop, outline, and write your manuscript for you. This is a relatively long-term partnership that starts at the ground level of a project.

Teaching/Conference Appearances: I teach writing and publishing courses at literary centers and writing conferences. I would be happy to come hear pitches, teach a class, or critique queries at your event.


Creative Writing and Blogging: I’d love to write for your publication. Please see the My Writing page for more info on my creative work.


Fees and Rates: I work with a wide variety of clients; some are individual writers, some are Big-5 NYC publishing houses. As such, my rates can vary based on who you are and the specifics of the project. I almost always lean toward being able to work something out with you, cost wise. Get in touch and we’ll talk about it.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that my freelance-editorial work and my work as a literary agent with Headwater are and will remain completely separate. As an agent, I do not represent authors with whom I’ve worked as a freelance editor, as a matter of policy. It’s in everyone’s best interests.

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